Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monthly School Idea: Baseball & Bat

Sorry for the delay in these.  I haven't been able to post, let alone create as many things as I have hoped to.  To top it off I haven't even sent in my kids' first monthly gift to their teachers.  Seeing as how this is the last week of the month I had better get on that.  My son wants to bring in the baseball and bat first so I figured I better get those tags created.  Thanks to all of you for submitting ideas it went much faster than I anticipated (if I had to think up the sayings I probably would still be thinking right now).  This is what I ended up with:


If you come up with more sports/recess equipment sayings (even if I already posted for that item) please leave a comment and I will add it.

Here are how ours turned out:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bear Scout Achievement 17b

Bear Scout Achievement 17 Requirement b:
Play a game of charades at your den meeting or with your family at home.
I made a game of charades for the scouts to play.  I started it awhile ago (had the backgrounds done, but nothing else), but never did have a chance to finish it.  I received a phone call about two hours before scouts tonight needing me to take on the Webelos as well.  So I decided to finish it for them to play.  I'm going to post what I had done.  Some are easy, some are harder.  They had lots of fun playing.

I color coded the cards
Purple: books
Blue: people
Pink: movies
Orange: Sports
Green: Action Words

If you want to use the cards Download them Here. I just used my paper cutter and cut them out (I was short on time).  I may use my punch and round the corners.