Saturday, December 3, 2011

Monthly School Idea: Ball Pump

As we experienced have recess equipment for the first time this year, it didn't take long for me to realize that a pump was needed to keep the balls properly inflated.  So to keep the equipment usable I finally remembered to purchased a ball pump.  The pump I found included a ball needle and cost less than $5.  I decided that even though it had a needle if it was in my home it may be misplaced (or hard to find when you need it most) so for less than $1 I purchased a two pack of needles to go with it.  I had my children help me create the tag.  The tags they used were a little more personalized (and I mean just a little), but I included a generic one for you.  My 10 year old came up with the first line.
Of course you can't read the first line on the picture, but it says You are an epic teacher!  He also helped pick out the fonts.  It was fun to have his help this time since the gift really is from him.

Once I get it all put together I will take a few pictures to add to the post, but I want to at least get this up.  

Here are the pictures I promised.  I finally downloaded all my pics and guess what?  They dated before Halloween.  Ooops.

The supplies you need: pump, needles, tag, ribbon, scissors, hole punch.

 The pump and needles I bought. I wanted to keep the pump small that it wouldn't take up lots of room in the classroom.  It only needs to be a hand pump.

I just punched a hole in the paper and tied it all together with coordinating curling ribbon.