Friday, June 29, 2012

LDS Baptism Kit Kats

I found this cute idea for a Kit Kat wrapper here on Sugardoodle and instantly loved it!  The three letters of Kat spell out the covenants that are made at baptism.  On the back is the 4th Article of Faith.  Perfect!  My only problem was it was black and white and the font was just plain.  So changed the colors to match our color theme and I changed up the font.  I did one girl friendly and one boy friendly.  
You can use this idea for a talk and give it to the child being baptized as a reminder.  You can have a basket of them as favors to those who attend.  We chose to give one to the kids that came to the baptism.  It was a great way for them to remember the talk on baptism.  Most of the kids (all but two) hadn't been baptized yet.  My little girl was baptized the day before Easter so they had these Kit Kats in yellow wrappers in the Easter aisle.  It matched the colors so much better than the red wrapper.

Please be kind and become a follower if you decide to download or if you like what you see.  If you have even more time, leave a comment.  Knowing people use my creations (recreations) makes taking the time to take pictures and create posts worth it.  Thanks for visiting!

Download the Kit Kat Wrapper Here

My apologies to anyone who tried to open this and was unable.  I forgot to change the link from private to share.  Not long after I finished this post (I was working on the second baptism post) we lost power.  Turned out we lost power for 52 + hours.  We are going to spend this summer re-evaluating our emergency preparedness and 72 hours kits.  This includes purchasing and learning how to use a generator!  We, of course, are also in the middle of a heat wave 114 degree weather & no power does not equal fun!  If something doesn't work, let me know!

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