Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Gift

For the end of school I copied an idea off of an old friend's blog: True Blue Aggie Fans (you have to scroll down a bit to see hers).  I, of course, made them for the Kindergarten class I'm in and for my two kids who are in elementary.  
I learned a few things: 
1 - I didn't bold my print, but I fixed that on the printable for you. 
2 - I haven't decided if I would do this again (at least for school).  There is a lot of risk of them popping all over everything.  (I didn't think about it too much until I saw the reaction of the teacher when I showed her what I brought).  I had them put them in their backpack, but then wondered if I should have had them carry it.  If I do it again I'll send it in a few days before school gets out that way the teacher can decide which day is best (when they are bringing home the least amount of items).  My Kindergarten class brought almost everything home that last day, but my 4th grader had brought most of his stuff home before the last day. 
3 - All white print looks better. 
4 - The tags were smaller than I thought ~ The printable is a word document so you can make it larger if you chose to.  
5 - It is much cuter to cut out each Popsicle, but takes a lot less time to cut a square around it. 
6 - The teachers are busy and may not remember to send them home (oops my son & teacher forgot).  
7 - They are still so dang cute!
Take the advice as you will.  These would make great gifts for other activities too ~ maybe ones that don't involve bringing home a years worth of school work & school supplies.

Don't forget when downloading:
Click on the blue download button:
You then need to wait 20 seconds and then click on the link that appears over the countdown (blue underlined words: Download your file now).

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