Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Neighbor Gifts

We have two neighbors that moved in recently.  I searched the web looking for ideas.  I couldn't find anything that popped out of me until I saw this Christmas gift on Pinterest:

I thought that it would be a great gift for the new neighbors.  I wonder why I didn't think of that before!  I have used the same saying for teachers.  I pulled up the site ~after I bought the soda and made the cookies ~  to find out that it costs $5 for the tags.  Well, I'm cheap enough that I made my own.  They are nearly as pretty as hers, but they are free.  I also changed up the colors so they didn't look like they were intended for Christmas:

There are two to choose from if you would like to use them.  I found some cute one liter bottles.  I bought a Sprite and an Orange Fanta.  Then we made some homemade cookies and attached them in a plastic bag to the sodas.  

Another idea I saw was to include a family picture.  I had some left from Christmas I was going to include, but I think they may have been tossed in the weekend cleaning.  They turned out cute and it was a great excuse to pop over and visit the new neighbors (who by the way are very nice).
If you would like my free tags click below. 

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