Friday, February 17, 2012

A Seussy Kind of Day

Since it is almost Dr. Suess' birthday and Read Across America day (March 2nd) I thought I should post what we did last year.
I had so many things to post (or so I thought, but a year later I don't remember).  I will post pictures of some of the things we did.
At school we dress as a Dr. Seuss character.  We aren't very original and use some common characters.  This year I might have to read a few more books, but for some reason Dr. Seuss is one that we don't have a lot of.
Boo was Cindy Lou Who:

My poor daughter (and myself) hardly has any hair so this hairstyle isn't the easiest, but with too much hair it may be hard too.  I rolled a piece of paper into a cone shape then lifted top section of her hair over it and put an elastic at the top (put it over the top of the cone too - it gives it a little more stability).  Leave enough hair at the top.  You are going to need to put in another elastic just a little way up and then curl it out in pieces.  The bottom half of the hair you split into two and braid it.  I also took some hair putty to separate out the bottom of the braid & curl up the pieces.
Bugs was thing two:

I just printed out a round sign saying Thing 2.  He wore all red and we used a colored spiking gel to dye his hair blue.

At home this was part of our dinner (not sure why it looks so yellow - doesn't look very appetizing, but it was!):

Green Eggs: just make some deviled eggs using your favorite recipe.  Mix some blue food coloring to the yolk and  you have green centers.
I also found these blue skies with white clouds.  I can't remember what book it is from nor were I found it (if you know leave me a comment):

To make these follow the instructions here (I loved them so much I used them for St. Patrick's day too.  I was able to use the left-over whipping cream). 
And for desert:

Yep, more green eggs.  A scoop of Lime Sherbet with whipping cream sprayed around it.

That sums up last year.  Guess I should figure out this year before it sneaks up like last time.

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  1. ah, your kids are so cute dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters. My daughter is in kindergarten and this week her school is too celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday: Seussapalooza. Yesterday was a mix up day (which I forgot about and my daughter came off the bus with her coat on backwards) and today was "be cool" with sunglasses. Tomorrow is hair day and I can't wait to fix her hair.
    I just found your blog by googling Dr. Seuss character hairstyles. I'll be sure to check out the rest of your posts on your blog.