Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post-it Holder

I saw this idea floating around the blog world/pinterest: a cute post-it note holder.  I decided it was a simple and low cost gift for Teacher Appreciation week.  I purchased the clear plastic frames from Walmart (they are at Dollar tree too, but they are actually cheaper at Walmart).  I ended up buying 3.5x5 frames and two 4x6 frames (because they were out of the smaller size, but they cost the same).  I sent my daughter to pick out paper and she came back with the assortment you will see.  I was extra excited because I had coordinating sticker ribbon that went with this paper.  Next time I make them I will probably use bright colored paper, ribbon, and post-its. 
If you buy your frames Walmart don't forget to remove the plastic coating that protects the frame (the ones Dollar Tree didn't have it - another reason to buy from Walmart).  Just cut your scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame.  You can get fancy and use two colors, but I just used one print because the post-its cover most of it up.  Add some ribbon across the top and accessorize it.  I added flowers, tags, and some bling.  You could add the teacher's name or initial.
These just have yellow post-its.  The middle is a 4x6 frame.  My youngest found some heart post-its and wanted to use them for her teacher.  I obliged and we we added some post-it flags to the top.  The colors aren't as pretty as the yellow or green post-its, but it works(this is also the reason why I want to try bright coordinating colors next time):

I also had purchased some apple post-it holders at the beginning of the year.  I used these for the elementary school teachers and put their name on it with white stickers:
I tied it up with a cute tag found at Tip Junkie.  I also put the tag on the back of the plastic frames.


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