Friday, May 11, 2012

Seeds of Knowledge {Teacher Thank You}

As you may be able to tell from this years posts and last years, I try to give a present a day during teacher appreciation week.  The Middle School Teachers and Specialist usually have something a little smaller than the Elementary Teacher's gift (and home room in middle school).  While trying to plan out the week I found a cute idea at Tatortots and Jello.  I love how they printed right on the brown paper bag.  I've got to remember this for future use!

I made the cute tags and attached them to a package of seeds for the specialists (don't forget your librarian, art, music, PE, computer, and paraprofessionals) and my daughter's middle school teachers.  For my kids' elementary teachers we took it up a step and added gardening gloves and pots.  I chose not to decorate the pots because I wanted to make sure it is something they would use.
Here is what I did.  First I cut a brown paper bag from the grocery store into 8 1/2 x 11 pieces.  I printed my tags below onto it.
I then trimmed them down.  I had the packets of seeds downstairs when I started cutting so I made them a little short.  I recommend measuring the packages before cutting so they are the same size.
To add the distressed look crumble up the paper.  The Tatortots and Jello said to iron it, but I iron only when absolutely necessary.  Instead I stuck them under a few books and went to bed (turns out a few minutes works too when I realized then next morning that I had forgotten one).
Then I stapled the tag right to the front of the seeds.  I chose to add ribbon in my kids' school colors. Just cut the ribbon, hold under the stapler when stapling, then tie around the staple.
Then I wanted to add to the distressed look so I brought out the chocolate ink pad.  At first I just went over the edges then I lightly rubbed it across the front trying to only get the ink on the creases.
If you choose to use the ink then I recommend doing it before you staple it onto the seeds.  I really like how it turned out.  The seeds were just over $1 a package and everything else I had on hand!

You can make your own tag, but if you prefer everything as easy as possible then download the I made below.  Just print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (in my case I cut it out of a brown paper bag).

Download it HERE
 If you decide to download, please take the time follow my blog or to leave a comment.  Knowing people use it makes taking the time to take pictures and create posts worth it.  Thanks for visiting!

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