Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Easter Printable

I found this on one of my favorite blogs, eighteen25 and had to try it out:

What do you think, which size do you like best?  My kids were loving the large marshmallows, but they wanted them all to themselves! 

 I've done these toppers before and I love them so I decided to try one of my own:

I did make one change to these (besides making them slightly smaller so the fit better) ~ I changed the word Place to Layer. 

Here are the steps I did:
Download and print the header
~When downloading be sure to click on the blue download button then wait 20 seconds to click on the link~
In a sandwich size ziploc bag place 3 rectangles of graham crackers, three peeps, and three snack size Hershey bars.
Cut cardstock to 6 3/4 by 4 1/2.  
Fold (or score) in half lengthwise.
Staple to the filled bag.
Using double sided tape adhere the header to the cardstock topper.

See the link page above for the parties I link to.


  1. Okay, I ran across your blog and these bunny tails are the best! I have scrolled through your blog and I will be bookmarking it!

  2. Wow...This is great. Just what I was looking for. So nice of you to share....I love it and so will my six little grandchildren.