Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Printable

This isn't as fancy as many of the fun Easter printables that I have found on other sites, but it is a start for me.  Hopefully I'll have time to figure out photo-shop one day.  I designed it with a particular idea in mind.  I wanted to give the teachers a small Easter gift.  This will be for all the middle school teachers as well as the specialist at the Elementary.  I purchased a package of Dove eggs and I am going to attach one to the handout.  

These was state: Thanks for being an Eggcellent Teacher (four to a page):

I also made a few extras: Eggcellent Son, Eggcellent Friend, Eggcellent Daughter, and You Are Eggceptional (one of each on a page).

  1. Download your choice Eggcellent Teacher or Eggcellent son/daughter/friend & Eggceptional
  2. Cut out (either around the egg shape or more quickly with your paper cutter).
  3. Attach an Egg to it or punch a hole through it and tie it to a package of eggs.  There are bags of candy eggs, cartons of eggs, bags of plastic eggs, etc.


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I will use it for our faithful and awesome primary teachers!!

  2. I think you did a great job! I will be using these soon, thanks for sharing with us! Ü

  3. Oh thank you! Just what I was looking for!!!

  4. Thanks for taking time to share your comments! I makes my day knowing that someone else enjoyed these!