Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Fun

I decided to take an old family recipe and make it Easter like.  This is a cookie recipe that my dad grew up with.  I know many people make something similar, but this recipe has no peanut butter in it.  Anyway, I've seen these nests made with several things - Rice Krispy treats (both regular and chocolate), chinese noodles & chocolate, etc.  We decided to try it out with something we always eat: Grandpa Cookies.  Well, when I was young they were called candy cookies.  They are my dad's favorite cookie, but my mom doesn't like them, therefore, my dad always made them.  When my kids were born we changed the name to Grandpa Cookies (since grandpa made these cookies).
When we scooped out the cookies we didn't just leave them in a blob we shaped them into nests and added some Hersey's eggs to the center: 

Boo with her nest of eggs:

If I have requests for the cookie recipe I'll post it.  I don't have it written down so I'll just be able to tell you how I make them (and how they differ from Utah to Virginia).

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